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We are bringing to your attention an error in OpenStreetMap's turn-by-turn directions that has created a potentially unsafe condition for motorists traveling on NJ-3 WB, destined for local roadways west of the NJ-3 / US 46 / Valley Rd. interchange (e.g., Great Notch Rd., Clove Rd., Notch Rd., Rifle Camp Rd., Lackawanna Ave.).

OpenStreetMaps should be directing these motorists to use the Valley Road Exit from NJ-3 WB to access to Great Notch Rd. and points west (Clove Rd., Notch Rd., Rifle Camp Rd., Lackawanna Ave.) Instead, OpenStreetMaps directs these motorists to continue westbound on NJ-3, through the NJ-3/US 46 interchange, merge with US 46 WB traffic and then cross two lanes of traffic to use the US 46 WB exit to Great Notch Rd.

Directing NJ-3 WB motorists to merge onto US 46 and use the exit ramp intended for US 46 WB traffic is resulting in an unsafe weaving condition that will lead to increased motor vehicle crashes.

closed 2973375

This is not oyster creek. It is known as Jones Creek

closed 3121921 westnordost

The Judah Street railway line is tagged as railway=light_rail, usually used for metro lines.
Looking at street view photos however, it very much looks like standard streetcar line that runs on the street and thus should be tagged railway=tram (see ).

FYI StreetComplete asks its users to add the barrier to railway crossings **except** if the railway is a streetcar line (or disused or abandoned) because barriers on crossings with streetcars are **very** uncommon. Tagging this line as light_rail thus spawns a lot of useless quests in StreetComplete.

Tagging railway crossings on a streetcar line also seems to cause other issues, see

So, is there a good reason here to deviate from the standard?

closed 3008554 clay_c

this intersection has been rebuilt as a roundabout

open 991737 DannyAiquipa

Can someone confirm if the City Weston Lakes exist here ? Thanks!

closed 1553268 clay_c

is this cul-de-sac really named Joseph Road?

closed 2637762 clay_c

name is County Road FF on South side and County Road T on North side

closed 2637758 clay_c

name is County Road S (not South)

closed 2637754 clay_c

Larsen Lane is dual carriageway here

closed 726567 unsungNovelty

Is this road completed and open for public? Cna someone please confirm?

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