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closed 3747972 cimnine

Unable to answer "What type of bollard is this?" for via StreetComplete 53.1:

There is no physical barrier here.

open 3747982 cimnine

Unable to answer "How many steps are here?" for via StreetComplete 53.1:

Does not exist any longer

closed 3574078 cimnine

Unable to answer "What’s the surface here?" for via StreetComplete 51.0:

Dieser Weg wurde zurückgebaut

closed 3578497 cimnine

Unable to answer "Where is this fire hydrant located?" for via StreetComplete 51.1:

Existiert weiter gegen Westen, nicht hier

closed 3544537 cimnine

here is a gate now

closed 3544617 cimnine

this is a one way street

open 3543576 cimnine

Unable to answer "What kind of building entrance is this?" for via StreetComplete 50.2:

This is not an entry, it's a passage.

closed 3536755 cimnine

the green light is now here

open 3535867 cimnine

no longer under construction

closed 3413672 cimnine

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 48.0:

Wegen Umbau geschlossen

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