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closed 1450495 chippy

Whack House Lane has a width restriction to it, and there's the associated traffic calming one lane section at the marker. Traffic from the south has priority at that location.

about 4 years ago 10 months ago
closed 1534403

Bus stop

almost 4 years ago 10 months ago
closed 2558799 jonathanpow

Gated road marked as private, access through car park to west, no through access to Meagill Lane to east

over 1 year ago 10 months ago
closed 2861299

Weecher Reservoir

11 months ago 10 months ago
closed 2128870

Tate Oils sells Diesel, Red Diesel and Paraffin fuels to the public here. Not sure if they have unleaded petrol, but they do have pumps and a retail office

They have a pressure washer too.

over 2 years ago 10 months ago
closed 2782576 GEOIG

Is it possible turn left from Market Place?? Our driver was unable to drive and he sent us a feedback.

about 1 year ago 10 months ago
closed 2147443


over 2 years ago 10 months ago
open 2865462 chippy

Theres a new garden centre here, not visible on aerial imagey yet

11 months ago 11 months ago
open 2708097 chippy

This valley is the Valley of Desolation. I'm not sure how to tag it. Perhaps as a locality?

about 1 year ago about 1 year ago
open 1495388 chippy

Pretty sure this isn't a track. At least the section on the moor towards Ellercar Pike isnt which I will edit but would need surveying the length to double check.

almost 4 years ago over 1 year ago

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