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The birthday and its celebration is very important event in one’s life. When the hero of the day is young person, usually he eats noodles the day before his bithhday, as the long noodles symbolize the longevity in China, and he has a birthday cake on the following day. As he gets older, his birthday becomes grander. besides that, there are also used peaches in different forms, delightful couplets and candles, they represent longevity and eternal life in China . When i want to find food near me i’m using this website, you also can find best places to eat near you by using it.

On the wedding day, Chinese people always serve different types of dates, peanuts, longan and chestnuts in combination wishing the couple many children.

Returning home after long trip or departure from home are both very important to most Chinese people and there are some dining traditions associated with it. The return is greeted with noodles and off home as for a farewell, it is offered with dumplings. This is especially common in northeast part of China.