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From Local to Global: Bringing Voices to the Map


HOT Tasking Manager users with projects using Maxar Imagery - what to do next?

Great writing here. Thanks

Common Feedback I give while Validating Building Projects on HOT’s Tasking Manager

great writings @Becky

Re-naming the HOT unSummit! Can you help?

consider also HOT-Indaba HOT-Expo HOT-Skill-Bank


Re-naming the HOT unSummit! Can you help?

I suggest the following names

HOT - Global OpenData.

Hot- FreeOpenData

Hot- Global freeData. Hot- Universal Gathering HOt- Universal Data If you want add summit to some🫶🏿🫶🏿

Youth Mapping the Driver to Change

@Chombachishala flashing back and retrieving this great Infor its really awesome and it must be shared to others especially YouthMappers to read it too.