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Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 54.1:

This is a parking ramp for the light rail, and as far as I can tell, has never had a subway.

closed 3417658 chandlerswift

Unable to answer "Who is allowed to use this playground?" for via StreetComplete 47.2:

Playground under construction, has moved to the east. Est. Completion spring/summer 2023.

closed 1025272 paradigmet

Dead end. No car road

closed 3942032 chandlerswift

Unmarked private drive (4354 address marker)

via StreetComplete 54.1

closed 3941988 chandlerswift

Marked as Cinosam Oaks Rd

via StreetComplete 54.1

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closed 3941985 chandlerswift

Marked as Cinosam Pines Rd

via StreetComplete 54.1

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closed 3486185 submitted note from a business:
name: Full Tilt Tavern
phone: 952-466-1529
hours: Sun - Wed 11am - 12am Thur - Sat 11am - 2am
category: Sports Bars
address: 8301 Normandale Blvd Bloomington, MN

closed 3502069 chandlerswift

Opening hours currently listed are for drive through. Dine in is 6am-11pm every day.

via StreetComplete 50.1

closed 3468335 chandlerswift

Unable to answer "What’s the house number of this building?" for via StreetComplete 49.2:

This is now a sleep number store.

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closed 2955896 sbelemey

the new pictures of esri do not have this road. Is this road really there?

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