Mapper since:
March 15, 2019

Ceci est le compte professionnel de (Namur, Belgique).

This is the professional account of (Namur, Belgium).

We use this account for editing on OSM only for the projects of our customers. Here are the projects we worked on so far:

1) Brugelette, Feb. 2019 - October 2019

On the request of the municipality of Brugelette, Belgium, we produced a new map of the municipality. The process involved several mapping parties with local people and training. All details about the project can be found on Meanwhile, we also update the OSM data in the municipality, together with @boisophieron and @FRW SG, particularly the following data:

  • buildings + address (using SPW PICC and ICAR sources)
  • landuse
  • public POI (social services, schools)
  • sidewalks
  • fix several errors using Osmose

2) Natagora, October 2019

On the request of Natagora, we add several marked trails in Belgium. The original source of the data are paper maps hold by Natagora. Marked trails were mapped as relations with at minimum the tags type=route, route=hiking & network=lwn. In addition, we added a reference tag (i.e., ref:natagora=*). The project is also described here.