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My would-be answers to the OSMF board survey 12 months ago

What failures of the microgrants program risk making it a waste of money?

10 Year OSM Usiversary about 1 year ago

Congrats, Russ! Great to have you. I still owe you a beer for helping me try and get a credit card to me in Tanzania even if I screwed it up!

Initial Mapper Experience about 1 year ago

Thanks and welcome! StreetComplete really is fantastic.

I would recommend mapping a few terraces but checking the button that asks for review of your edits. You can also then share a link to the area you edited on the OSM Mailing List, or other groups like Telegram or OSMUS Slack. It’s great to have more people join the discussion and ask questions about detailed mapping methods.

Reflections on 10 years of a changing Open Source Map about 4 years ago

Awesome read from a true veteran! Are you using Mapillary these days for your photos, or just taking still photos manually?