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number of keys grows, and grows, and grows ...

First off, thanks for keeping an eye out for misspellings and accidental new keys in the database. As someone who got one of your comments, I wanted take a moment to leave a note regarding “informing the original mapper politely”: perhaps there is something getting lost in translation so I’m not sure how polite “what is tag x for?!” sounds to German ears; it doesn’t strike me as particularly polite in English (especially the exclamation mark could be read as carrying some annoyance imo). Giving some context to users as to why you’re leaving a comment (especially new users) would be helpful, something along the lines is “tag x (in object y) came up as a new/unknown tag in the database”. At the end of the day, OSM’s free tagging scheme is one of the cornerstones of the project, so one wouldn’t expect a sort of Spanish- Inquisition for using a new tag ;-) Cheers.

How to find Missing Roads in OSM with GPS data

Cool! One thing I noticed is that it doesn’t seem to be taking into account pedestrian areas, as can be seen here. These former runways at [Tempelhof Park](] (Berlin) are used today as recreational surfaces and are mapped with a way along the centerline (highway=footway) and a closed way circumscribing the entire surface (highway=footway, area=yes). The GPS tracks are likely a bit farther from the centerline way than the tool’s threshold, so it suggests there may be a way there. In this case (and probably others elsewhere) it’d be good to check for pedestrian areas.