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closed 2614914

410 Fährt hier nicht entlang und nahe liegende Bushaltestelle war nur temporär und existiert nicht mehr

closed 4101217 calli3756

Unable to answer "Is there an air compressor available here?" for via StreetComplete 56.0:

Fuel station closed

closed 4156161 calli3756

Unable to answer "How wide is the bicycle path here?" – Path – via StreetComplete 57.1:

No bicycleway

closed 4130303 calli3756

Unable to answer "This shop has been vacant. What’s here now?" – house number 40 – via StreetComplete 57.0-beta2:

An Appartment now

open 4156162 calli3756

Small connecting footpath

via StreetComplete 57.1

open 4089298 calli3756

Unable to answer "Who is allowed to use this playground?" for via StreetComplete 56.0:

No longer a playground, just some fitness equipment

closed 4114601 calli3756

A way starts here.

via StreetComplete 56.1

open 4115306 calli3756

Single family, residential home, house number 116

via StreetComplete 56.1

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open 4101215 calli3756

Unable to answer "What kind of memorial is this?" for via StreetComplete 56.0:


Attached photo(s):

open 4097616 calli3756

Unable to answer "What’s being grown here?" for via StreetComplete 56.0:


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