Mapper since:
August 26, 2010

I specialise in Africa, which is home. I divide my time between Durban, South Africa; Saratoga, California (no, that’s not in Africa) and Nairobi, Kenya.

I’m interested in conservation, so I do a lot of vegetation mapping, mostly in the threatened forests of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and in several places in Kenya, such as the Mara reserve and Lamu town, where I have a hytte. I also map lot of rocks, sand and dry river beds in Chad because I am interested in the East Saharan montane xeric woodland which somehow survives on high mountains in the Sahara.

I came out of a local government background, where as a spatial planner I received formal training in aerial photo interpretation, photogrammetry and land survey, so I enjoy a challenge turning the satellite pics into OSM data. I have used commercial GIS systems since the 80’s, starting on the simple but very effective Atlas GIS by Strategic Mapping Inc. and later moving on to the infuriating but effective ARC/INFO by ESRI when we found we could afford the astronomical licence fees.

Later I turned to Strategic planning, Risk management, Performance management, Budgeting and other grey lifeless management drudgery. I have now given all of that up and I find it is good to get back to my geographic roots with OSM and QGIS.