Mapper since:
November 05, 2009

Mapper hailing from “De Rupelstreek” in Flanders, Belgium.

Interested and working on:

  • Improving electric & power infrastructure in Belgium (nicely visualized in Openinframap, big fan!)
  • Adding & correcting new features in my region, mostly in the “Vlaamse Ruit” but also somewhere else when I notice it.
  • Since shortly also contributing to the Name Suggestion Index, to improve consistency of brands and operators in Belgium & Europe.

Feel free to contact me on my wiki page or comment on my changeset if you notice any mistakes or plain errors.

Aussi travaillant en français, mais ma connaissance de la langue est moins que l’Anglais. (je m’estime niveau fr-2 en Wiki babel).

Für Deutsche Mitglieder bin ich auch bereit, aber hier reichen meine Deutschkenntnisse bis zum niveau de-2..