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open 3959812 mattgrooms

Doc Holliday Drive goes here.

closed 2728530 NCS1983

This is not Mulock house

closed 2727753 NCS1983

This is actually Mulock house.

closed 1307884 Jon Hanson

For the Sunnyside campground, there should just be an area defined that encompasses all of the campsites instead of a feature at each campsite. There are other ways to denote each individual campsite.

closed 3236922 padepade

The Bed and Breakfast is no longer here— it is Mongrain's Mercantile and an apartment.

via StreetComplete 44.1

closed 3246881 Infinite_Bed

Might highway=service and service=driveway apply better to this path?

closed 3932477 jpmatthews

This road is named "Taos" as in the Pueblo Indian Tribe (not "Tads").

closed 3867976 Dale K Williamson

Natural Grocers

closed 3500911 Stxstars

16825 County Road 220
Salida, CO 81201

closed 3509235 jacobwhall

Does the sidewalk connect across here? Hard to tell from aerial imagery

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