Mapper since:
May 01, 2016

I am this OpenStreetMap wiki user

For data sources, I use the following

  • fresh notes from surveys on foot or by bike via Vespucci and GPS Tracker
  • mapping parties
  • my personal knowledge from previous surveys or visits
  • personal knowledge of locals I talk to
  • personal knowledge of locals I ask to assist in a given editing session
  • Mapillary
  • orthophotos (Bing, FÖMI)

I prefer to add the following


  • highway=path
  • highway=footway in complicated cases around intersections, highway=traffic_lights
  • small sections of barrier=fence when it interferes with a path


  • leisure=
    • playground
    • pitch
  • landuse=
    • commercial
    • industrial
    • farmland
    • grass
    • forest: very woody areas
    • village_green: mostly unmanaged, common use areas of mixed grass/woods/bushes mostly unsuitable for leisure, but still good as an optical and noise barrier and nice to look at, sometimes contains edible plants as well
  • building=yes


  • natural=tree, scrub or shrub for edible plants
  • tourism=viewpoint
  • shop=convenience
  • amenity=
    • drinking_water
    • bench
    • waste_basket
    • pub
    • restaurant
  • public transport
  • emergency=fire_hydrant (I omit the type for pillar)
  • man_made=survey_point
  • anything noteworthy and relevant that seems missing

Additional tags

  • access=no for closed, private or forbidden routes
  • house numbers mostly as seen on the entrance, rarely interpolated - if the corresponding building is not obvious, the gate/entrance is tagged with the house number
  • for difficult routes
    • surface
    • tracktype
    • trail_visibility
  • POI info
    • opening_hours
    • lunch:menu
    • contact:website
    • contact:email
    • contact:phone
    • internet_access:ssid
    • outdoor_seating
    • food=no
    • payment:*