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closed 1545277

Road turn off

open 4325367 beddy

Names of all individual buildings need to be fixed or removed. There is already a motel area encapsulating them.


open 4206063 Julie Orvald

Sartor Ct (street name) was changed to Aragorn Ct by the Washoe County Regional Street Naming Committee & Board of County Commissioners 3/22/2021

closed 3746678 Tigar King

There's a house and single garage missing here on the map between 250 cataract and 238 cataract. That was probably the source of any confusion.

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closed 3834133 JessAk71

technically all of these campground pois are not campgrounds, rather they are backcountry camp pitches... suggest updating the tag to camp pitch

closed 3474872

Taxiway W

closed 4269678

Gibbons road is now blocked around here by the local council to stop through traffic. Has been blocked since 4-5 years ago.

closed 4272569 beddy

Change block number to unit number...


closed 4272567 beddy

Change block number to unit number...


closed 4268350 beddy

camp pitch


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