Mapper since:
January 31, 2011

I live between two places: San Ramon, California and Ahualoa, Island of Hawaii, so both of those are well modeled in OSM. I love JOSM and leverage the power of its scripting plugin. I do all hand-modeling, no imports; even my scripted edits are manually and visually verified before upload. I admire users like katpatuka and Heinz_V who make massive manual contributions to remote parts of the world. Usually, I enjoy finding under-mapped parts of the world to contribute to (Sudan, Somalia, Mongolia…)

As of 2015, some notable things I worked on:

Since then (2016 and 2017), I’ve taken on some big challenges:

  • Cleaning up some of the worst aspects of the Canvec and USGS-NHD imports in Canada and the USA, especially NHD in North Carolina.
  • Trying to stay in the top-10 on the MissingMaps leaderboard by pro-actively filling in tons of detail in remote, unmapped places.
  • Helping finish #MapLesotho
  • Constructing more big river relations.

As of February 2018, my OSM rank extract shows that my global node/way rank is around #26/#7; katpatuka is #5/#28 and most of the rest of the top-ranked account are bots and imports, not humans :)

See my heat map.

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