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November 30, 2007
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Andrzej Zaborowski, balrogg at gmail dot com
This account is currently (2011-06) inactive except for forums, help, etc. I am temporarily using another account, sir-mapalot, for my map edits because I have not yet accepted the new OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms for my old edits. As a result this account is blocked from editing. Hopefully I'll be able to return to using it at some point.
I have said that through other communication channels already but I'll add this notice here too:

All of my contributions* made through this account are ODbL-compatible. You are free to use my contributions under the terms of either CC-By-SA or ODbL* licenses at your preference, and you are free to sublicense my contributions under ODbL 1.0 without attributing me other than as "OpenStreetMap contributors".

* borrowing LWG's terminology where "my contribution" means my own work.
** treating my contributions as a database for this purpose, and where I say ODbL I also mean all the individual contents under DbCL 1.0.
I'm yet undecided about putting my edits into Public Domain. I'm making free maps, a free encyclopedia and free software in order to accelerate the progress - by making access to information easier and equally easy for everyone. It seems that releasing all this stuff into Public Domain makes access to it easier but then it means probably less users will contribute back and in the long run this might make the progress slower.
I'm using a Neo1973 GPS phone ( and recently also a Nokia N810 tablet. I'm usually on bicycle or tramway so the traces will sometimes be slightly off the road.

Got your N810 recently and want to start logging the position as quickly as possible (e.g. because you have no charger but the battery came one time charged)? The universal and quickest way is, open a terminal and run:

$ /usr/libexec/navicore-gpsd-helper >> trace1

No root hack needed, no additional software. If you want to spy on the NMEA data, open a second terminal and do "tail -f trace1". A full battery will last for about 3-4 days if the LCD is off.

If you have internet access you may instead want to quickly install maemo-mapper (e.g. from this package:, launch it, and leave it running. When you're home do "Track -> Save" from the menu (not "Route -> Save").