Mapper since: April 02, 2017

Hi, I'm azsr. I mainly contribute in Kent County, Rhode Island.

I started actively contributing to OSM from Ingress in August 2017, before I learned Niantic Labs would start switching to OSM data for basemaps. I learned of OSM through the Humanitarian map layer, which is available through IITC.

Sometimes you'll see weird mapped square areas in dotted around the state. That's probably me trying to fight boredom by choosing a news article/advertisement/power outage, mapping one way, then mapping a 200m x 200m area around that point.

Current projects:

  • RIPTA routes in Rhode Island (30%)

Previous projects:

  • Buildings and addresses in East Greenwich (completed 2018-03-12)
  • Borders of municipalities and counties in Rhode Island

Sources (in order of current preference)

  • Mapbox Satellite (with decreased sharpness, decreased brightness, and increased saturation)
  • Bing in Providence metro area
  • Esri Clarity
  • Various town and city GIS websites, plat maps, and property records