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April 24, 2015
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Kumusta, my name is Arnalie from the Philippines (half of the year based in the US). I was a GIS Specialist for atleast 7 years, until I shifted to community engagement. I’m a mother and I advocate for a lot of things - sustainable living (#normalizebreastfeeding and menstrual cups), open data, and diversity and inclusion in open mapping, among others. You can listen more about me and my views about community in Openstreetmap and humanitarian open mapping in Geomob Podcast Interview - Arnalie Vicario: Building inclusive spaces in OSM.

[Longer version] My OSM Journey: The rest is still unmapped

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Open geodata has been an interest and passion to me ever since I saw a presentation about Project NOAH at DL Umali Auditorium, University of the Philippines Los Banos - I was and still am amazed how spatial data can help in disaster risk reduction and management (DRRM). I did not get GIS courses when I was in college but I self-trained with the help of friends (ate Jireh) and internet. I have also been lurking with the talk-ph mailing list since 2013.

In 2015, I landed my dream job - working with the greatest DRRM scientist at Project NOAH; however, good things come to an end… Due to the lack of support and DRRM prioritization (ie de-funding) from the government, in 2017, I had to leave Project NOAH. (NOAH is now under UP Resilience Institute)

Thankfully, in 2016, Feye invited me to my first mapping party with OpenStreetMap community in the Philippines🇵🇭. Even though I am no longer with Project NOAH, I still get to map for DRRM and to generate open data that can be used in decision-making, development and advocacy, among others.

Since then, I have been actively involved with OSM Pilipinas, attending and organizing mapathons, and engaging with mappers and contributors to help grow the community and open data.

In 2018/9, Geoladies PH was rebirthed 💜, about the same time I met my mapper, a fellow OSM contributor🗺

Fast forward in mid-2020 - a new mom, I felt like I’ve been lagging with new GIS and tech tools. I decided to take a break and focus on my new role 🤱🏻 Little did I know, in late 2020, I landed a job where I feel like I have shined again - a[n online] community engager/mobilizer.

Being a community engager/mobilizer - I am empowered and so I can support and empower local communities and contributors in Openstreetmap to generate #Opendata / geodata that is usable for positive change and impact.

In 2022, I was elected in the #Openstreetmap Foundation Board. Here are the links to my manifesto and answers to questions.