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closed 330352 anotherguy

Is there really a stream here?

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Is there now a set of traffic signals here? [tms13, 2010-04-30 18:05:02 CEST]

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You can not drive a car through the river here. There used to be a ford (possibly an extension of Ford Green?) years and years ago. They have done a lot of flood defence work a few years ago - there are useable stepping stones further upstream, and ruined stepping stones further down but they are footpaths only.

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Please resurvey - chain has gone into administration

open 277866 anotherguy

I seem to remember there being a few twists and turns under the trees on 'The Ultimate'
A GPX trace may not suffice because of the trees!
Next time I'm up this end of the country I'll do it myself!!

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