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closed 2460714 andrepoiy

Survey required to ascertain which buses stop at which platform

closed 2674410 andrepoiy

New traffic signals to a new road and a central median will be installed here in the near future.

closed 2351163 andrepoiy

The bus platforms I've added here are approximations; local knowledge would be nice for where they actually are

closed 2825645 andrepoiy

Might be newly divided briefly here

closed 2239996 andrepoiy

Someone apparently deleted all the address interpolation in this community 2 years ago, so I think someone should revert those changes (idk how..)

closed 3888848

Grade separation finished, pedestrian and rail bridges over Steeles, bike tracks on Steeles

closed 2994507 andrepoiy

New sidewalk on the west side of Gardiners from Norris to Cataraqui Woods. Add when imagery updates

closed 2994530 andrepoiy

Sidewalk gap here con Gardiners closed up; add when imagery updates

closed 2946369 andrepoiy

New sidewalk on north side of King Road being constructed from Charles to the Township Offices. Awaiting updated satellite imagery.

closed 2224600 andrepoiy

Are these two roads actually called Call-Tech Drive and Sprint Drive? There appears to be a lack of any road signs that suggest these roads have names.

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