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Mapper since:
December 25, 2013
Last map edit:
July 14, 2024


Born in 1985, Civil engineer by profession, computer and electronics by heart. #p #p ## Currently I live in Bærum, Norway, where I spend most of my time (obviously) at work, but when I don’t I spend a lot of time on the computer, planning trips, tracing in OSM, reading about mountainbiking and all other topics that interest me. #p I try to get out as much as possible, but rarely end up going out as much as I would like. I spend most of my time in Krokskogen, and in the areas around my parents house in Halden. #p When not doing the above mentioned, I also use a lot of my spare time designing and constructing all kinds of stuff. I’ve built my own solar panels of various sizes, planning to build large 120W panels (soon). I’ve designed and partially built my own custom made CNC-machine (a work still in progress due to not enough time..), a coke-cooler, bee counter, glass-made bee hive, Folding@Home 64-core machine, various systems for growing plants, custom high-powered bike light, and many other things. #p I also take a lot of pictures, my main skills are macro-photography and sports photography, the latter being the one I’m probably best at. I’ve also captured a lot of interesting phenomenons such as “noctilucent clouds”, meteor showers and a lot more. ## Mapping I map everything I come across. Mostly around Halden and Oslo, Norway, but also internationally when I travel and get on-the-ground data. Mapping at home for historic and mountainbiking purposes, but I map as much as possible when I’m looking into an area. #p Current project involves Mapbox Studio where I plan to design a custom map for beehives, with the benefit of seeing the nearby sources of pollen and nectar, which are vital for the bees to thrive. #p #p ## Volunteer work I do mapping for HOT / Missing Maps Project when I have the time. Supporter of Openstreetmap Foundation and Red Cross, as well as other organizations whenever possible. #p I also spend a lot of time in various biking related organizations, mostly off-road but also commuting and road biking. Namely, NOTS and IMBA