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How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? about 6 years ago

also, look into the bc-mosaic image set for bc. It has some better imagery than the Bing images.

in some cases, you may be better off using walking papers for mapping instead of a gps.

Garmin suggests going to the same spot at different times, so you have a different satellite constellation for each measurement.

How can I get accurate locations in a forest ? about 6 years ago

hi from Vancouver.

I mountain biked in Squamish a couple of times.

Large trees will make your maps fuzzy. From a radio perspective, the trees will absorb and diffuse the signal, in this case, averaging multiple data points will help a bit. Ie, for Jack’s trail, you can use the center of mass of all the tracks that show up in the tracks display.

When you’re near a cliff or in an urban canyon, signals will reflect off of a surface, so sometimes your gps will will cause a gps track to diverge on the second tracing of a path. in the divergent case, you have to discard one of the tracks instead of ‘averaging’ it. Usually, the track which is ‘into’ the mountain will be the incorrect track. Visually, you can picture the mountain as being a mirrored surface. Your gps will see some satellite signals directly, and some signals will be reflected.

The higher end GPS units will have a good antenna to use the first signal it sees, and treat subsequent signals as an echo, or reflected signal.

Kiln not seen(rendered) in OpenStreetMap about 6 years ago

you could mark the areas as landuse=industrial for the industrial process.

Diary entry removed over 6 years ago

You seem very negative.

Missing Cardrona Trails over 6 years ago

Hi Richard,

In some cases, he gave them attributes such as the highway=track

The highway=track shouldn’t have been removed.

New Bing imagery over 6 years ago

I think that overall, it’s a positive thing for filling in missing gaps in the map.

Sorry to see there’s a dark spot in your map. On the bright side, there are lots of new spots in Africa that can be traced out.

Ie, Raja, South Sudan