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closed 2797537 akadouri

Potentially a trail here?

closed 2524222 akadouri

Not sure what's going on here, looks like a building was constructed and may have replaced the parking lot?

closed 3151167 akadouri

New building here

closed 3151168 akadouri

New building here

closed 3968090 NJDOT

On Monday October 30th, the Washington Street Bridge over the D&R Canal in Princeton reopened to vehicular traffic. OpenStreetMap currently shows this bridge as closed.

We would also like OpenStreetMap to advise motorists before they go over the bridge in both directions that there is a 25mph speed limit and a 10-ton weight limit on the bridge.

The GPS coordinates for the last turnoffs before the bridge are 40.34124124961935, -74.64988141473279 & 40.33853033851402, -74.64707582409342

closed 3519805 akadouri

Unable to answer "Are these opening hours still correct?" for via StreetComplete 50.2:

Urban outfitters closed, scaffolding up now

closed 3497148 akadouri

This field may be re-opened

closed 3492310 akadouri

I am fairly certain I counted 12 benches here, but I can't remember exactly. Double check next time in the area:

closed 3391111 akadouri

Sidewalk and crossings here need to be surveyed

closed 3529107

Vehicles travelling NB on NJ-93/Grand Avenue in Englewood, NJ are making illegal right turns onto Van Nostrand Avenue. Vehicles driving NB on NJ-93/Grand Avenue are not permitted to turn at this location. The NJDOT has multiple “No Turns” signs at the intersection, as well as striping on the pavement, indicating turns are not permitted.
We request your mapping platform make the changes necessary to follow the legal design of the intersection and prevent your users from making illegal right turns from NB NJ-93/Grand Avenue onto Van Nostrand Avenue.

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