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closed 2772187 Shayan Doust

Unable to answer "Does the bus stop Edge Crossroads have a shelter?" for via StreetComplete 33.1:

Can't find a bus stop here?

closed 2271612 2SilverCyclistsDotNet

"Same business as the cafe"
POI name: The Durham Heifer
POI types: tourism-camp_site
OSM data version: 2020-06-07T12:42:57Z

closed 2782775

Cash Machine not working 1/8/21

closed 2782784

Cash machine not working 1/8/21

closed 2895561


closed 2426685 trigpoint

Where to this path?

closed 1281692

New road (2015) Cambridge Grove


closed 3189082


closed 3189093

very friendly young cattle in may

closed 1658318

Old Chad Church and cemetery, accessed via Old Chad s Lane and footpath/access across the field.

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