Mapper since:
December 05, 2010

General Information

This is not really a bot, but a semi-automatic program which runs over Ukraine dumps and produces an OSM file. Then the result is carefully inspected and after being loaded in JOSM gets uploaded to OSM. Ran by user _sev.

Operates on Ukraine territory.

Sometimes I forget to switch the user in JOSM back to _sev, thus there happen to be normal manual edits under this login. The semi-automatic edits always talk about ‘Fixes to name, name:uk, name:ru, name:en’ while manual edits are always more specific.

What is being performed now:

The sources of this program could be found here.


Это не совсем бот, а полуавтоматическая программа. Ведомый пользователем _sev.

Работает на территории Украины.

Иногда, когда я забываю переключить пользователя в JOSM, под этим именем публикуются обычные правки.