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Introducing OpenStreetView

@mvexel latest skobbler update was almost one year ago on 2015-09-22. Map updates came at that time only each few months. As we added so much house adresses and buildings in our region, it was sad to see came so much later to the app. But that´s not the topic here. I use meanwhile my Garmin Oregon for car routing, not perfect (no voice, small display), but that´s ok. Don´t need it too often. But therefore i am not dependant on anyone and generate fresh updates whenever i want by myself. (That´s great about OSM). That way my smartphone can be used for other services while driving, like taking pics.

Introducing OpenStreetView

I am from germany and used the skobbler app once. Then scout / telenav bought it one day (at least i think so). App development was stopped, never updates, no communication. In the US apple appstore i saw there is a new navigation app from telenav. Also called scout, different logo. But this is not available in germany i think. For me personally i wasted money, got never any response to bug reports, no updates, no alternative app replacement. After this disappointment with telenav i feel not like contributing anything. Just some neutral critics (trying to be neutral). In the past it was not very community friendly.