Mapper since:
May 12, 2019

Freelance mapper, mainly edit around Klang Valley and Ipoh, Malaysia

Survey on knowledge and involvement about map editing and OpenStreetMap among Malaysians

Some projects:

  • add buildings in random places
  • #NewVillageMappingProject : Mapping all 77 new village in Selangor, Malaysia. Priority goes to tracing buildings, while POI and house numbers will be added if there is opportunity to visit the village, or have data provided by locals. 为马来西亚雪兰莪州77个华人新村制作地图,优先画出建筑物,POI和地址若有机会参观新村或有当地人提供资料才会加入。
  • HOT Tasking Manager - Klang Valley Mapping (WHY IS IT ARCHIVED???😭)

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