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The highway (I 196 East) and both onramps are open since last week monday.

closed 3947258 ZachDeCook

Highway is fully open since last week

via StreetComplete 54.1

open 3902881 ZachDeCook

Kensington Place Community Library

via StreetComplete 54.0

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Unable to answer "How wide is the road here?" for via StreetComplete 53.2:

The pavement is 14'6", but there is no curb, so this measurement is not 'curb to curb'. Also, parallel parking is possible in the dirt across from the houses.

closed 3725890 ZachDeCook

Unable to answer "What type of shop is this?" for via StreetComplete 53.0:

They sell tickets, cards, bingo equipment

open 3725929 ZachDeCook

Unable to answer "Are these opening hours still correct?" for via StreetComplete 53.0:

Velodrome moved to third street. Also, this number is on the wrong building.

closed 1462356 ZachDeCook

Unable to answer "What sport is played here?" for via StreetComplete 6.1:

soccer nets set up, but no lines or apparent default rotation

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closed 1462364 ZachDeCook

Unable to answer "What is the speed limit sign for Pinedale Drive Southwest?" for via StreetComplete 6.1:

just a 'slow children at play sign' (though the limit is 25--the residential speed limit)

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closed 1462369 ZachDeCook

there is a school speed limit when flashing (25)

via StreetComplete 6.1

closed 466851

Missing new construction home address 7278 Rosie Shores Byron Center, MI 49315

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