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Notes submitted or commented on by Yorvik Prestigitator

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Id Creator Description Created at Last changed
closed 3898068 ElectricDuck

Car parking

closed 4106968 ElectricDuck

Some traffic calming nodes are missing. Should be visible from aerial view as they've been here many years.


closed 4114070 ubegxj

Building Demolished


closed 3892575 ElectricDuck

Disused; due to be destroyed

closed 4229015 Andrew John Wright

Centurion Square should be marked as private to all, as it is not accessible to the general public.

closed 4276388 itspaulkelly

Unable to answer "This shop has been vacant. What’s here now?" – via StreetComplete 57.3:

Now residential

closed 4114068 ubegxj

Unable to answer "What’s the surface here?" – Foot Path – via StreetComplete 56.1:

Appears to be a driveway rather than pedestrian way

closed 4031959 eteb3

This industrial building seems badly labelled?

closed 4031957 eteb3

Is this really the name of this building?

closed 4228441 DorneyLake123

Does this pub have a name?

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