Mapper since:
October 07, 2021

Last updated 2023-02-17

Current Projects

  • (Gradually) Import address data from UGRC using alt account Xvtn_Import
  • Manually add buildings to Cache Valley
  • Add natural and land use areas wherever I can since they really improve the look of a map, imo
  • Improve hiking/MTB trail tags, and add related features
  • Clean up TIGER tags when they no longer contain relevant or up-to-date data - particularly on Utah’s remote roads, where geometry is particularly inaccurate

Past Projects

  • Ensure all bike infrastructure in Cache Valley is mapped, and add bicycle GPS tracks using alt account j_rides
  • Add land use areas to Cache Valley
  • Fix geometry of most trails in Bear River and Wellsville Ranges using in-person survey, satellite, and Strava data