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October 24, 2015

We are in Thailand often for holidays, and especially myself (Sander) enjoy a bicycle ride in the warmth, which we much lack in the Netherlands.

The lack of a good map of the surroundings in Korat (Non Ta Then, 75 km North-East along AH12/A2) spurred me on to do the mapping myself.

The combination of a Garmin device (Montana 750 with camera giving GPS data to photograph the village names) and Openstreetmap is ideal. With the Garmin I make traces and use these to draw the roads I just travelled on the Openstreetmap. Then, using openstreetmap-exporting and mkgmap I make an updated additional map (img), which I place in the Garmin memory (I do this every day after drawing new roads in Openstreetmap, giving them a name like NTT-07-02-2023.img). And voila! Now all the roads are suddenly there, where I started with an almost white sheet 8 years ago.