Mapper since: October 24, 2015

We are in Thailand often for holidays, and especially myself (Sander) enjoy a bicycle ride in the warmth, which we some much lack in the Netherlands.

The lack of a good map of the surroundings in Korat (Non Ta Then, 75 km North-East along AH12/A2) spurred me on to do the mapping myself.

The combination of a Garmin device (Etrex touch 35) and Openstreetmap is ideal. With the Garmin you can make traces and use these to draw the roads you just travelled on the Openstreetmap. Then, using openstreetmap-exporting and mkgmap I make an updated additional map (img), which I place in the Garmin memory (I do this every day after drawing new roads in Openstreetmap, giving them a name like NTT-06-06-16.img). And voila! Now all the roads are suddenly there.