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closed 4119931

Testing this function

closed 4113221 danieldegroot2

Missing / incorrect streetname(s)
"Pococke Upper" is signed here instead of "Pococke Valley"

closed 4106407

Where We Met

closed 1277927 Vincent de Phily

Move to north-west ?

open 1277025 Vincent de Phily

Not really visible on imagery. Please add description tag or delete way.

closed 1277932 Vincent de Phily

Correct ringfort location ?

open 4058031 Matyjace

Forwarding anonymous report from #mapycz user, please verify: "closed"

open 745552 Vincent de Phily

Glamping site, accomodation in stationary plane, trains, boats, and what not:

closed 702904 Bob Harper

There are 'cliffs' here. In actual fact, they're really sand dunes. For another thing, they're traced wrongly so that they 'fall' inland.

Remove them?

open 4061311 Mateusz Konieczny

name=Spice Town

shop=ethnic ? What is the meaning of that shop value? What kind of services or products are sold here? Is anything from fitting? Maybe new value needs to be invented? Maybe this data is wrong and there is no shop here? Maybe it is not a shop but something else?

(if anyone wants I can provide list of weird shop values in some country/area - let me know if you are interested)

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