Viajero Perdido

Mapper since:
September 28, 2014

Mapper who focuses on western Alberta and British Columbia, my playground.

Among other things, I repair damage from CanVec/GeoBase imports. It’s awful quality data, just horrible, decades out of date. Trails especially; they look like they were cribbed from David Thompson journal entries. We have better technologies now for mapping. Please STOP importing this garbage.

I’m (ahem) especially thinking of you, ••••• ••••••, who deleted my hand-edited rivers (which were based on satellite imagery), and those of at least one other prolific contributor, to clear the way for an update with supposedly “up to date” (but actually prehistoric) CanVec 10 data. (Can you find the river-under-a-road that triggered this rant?) I’m not sure if the other contributor, a European I think, even knows his hard work has been wiped out. BTW, I’ve brushed up on the vandalism-detection tools. Do that to me again, and I’ll notice a lot sooner than a year later.

CanVec is garbage, please understand that. Even “current” version 10. In addition to the horrid accuracy, it’s also a royal pain to edit.

Currently (early 2020) I’m adding forest and roads/tracks/trails in areas that might be of recreational interest. Tracing from imagery mostly, but also from personal and others’ GPS tracks when available.

Working to make the map a beautiful thing. :)