Mapper since:
December 15, 2018

I am a Flightsim enthusiast using X-Plane 11 for some virtual flying fun. Because X-Plane uses OSM data to build its scenery layout any inaccuracies in the data would render an inaccurate picture of the world from the air while doing some virtual flying. Being a bit of a stickler I like things to be done with a decent amount of accuracy - if you’re going to be mapping at least make an effort to make it as accurate as possible - without of course taking a century to get things done.

So, my mission is to add OSM data where it’s needed, update/edit it where it’s needed, enjoy the improved accuracy while simming and at the same time make more accurate data available to the rest of the world. This especially pertains to South Africa/Africa, a country/continent which nine out of ten times are brushed off as being accurate enough when it comes to flight simming or not important enough to warrant the effort to improve scenery accuracy for the African continent. I mean, who the hell plays X-Plane in Africa, right???