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open 4048253 VIGNERON

Unable to answer "Do you have to pay to use this restroom?" for via StreetComplete 55.1:

Seems closed

closed 3946242 VIGNERON

Erreur probable, la boîte à livre n'est sans doute pas le bâtiment entier.

open 3843616 VIGNERON

Unable to answer "This shop has been vacant. What’s here now?" for via StreetComplete 53.3:

Merge with the other vacant lot, only visible name is "Shopping" and it is generic airport shop for "liquor and tabacco"

closed 3645241 VIGNERON

Banc long sans dossier

via StreetComplete 52.0

closed 3645257 VIGNERON

Micro crèche "Koala kids"

via StreetComplete 52.0

closed 3645180 VIGNERON

3 conteneurs séparés

via StreetComplete 52.0

closed 2791004 VIGNERON

Unable to answer "Is this still here? (ATM)" for via StreetComplete 33.2:

un distributeur dans la préfecture ??

closed 3645194 VIGNERON


via StreetComplete 52.0

closed 3645189 VIGNERON

Chemin en pavé brique

via StreetComplete 52.0

closed 3645365 VIGNERON

Parterre 3 arbres

via StreetComplete 52.0

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