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closed 931684 Undearius

Shop type will need to be updated to a more accurate tag (OSM data version: 2017-03-06T16:48:02Z) #mapsme

closed 1823446 zzptichka

Bus stops here not on the map

closed 2621444 Undearius

Silos are overlapping buildings.
Should these be merged?

closed 1539887 zzptichka

Survey & Split

closed 924926 Undearius

Should be tagged shop=chemist is a little limiting. (OSM data version: 2017-02-15T16:20:03Z) #mapsme

closed 1831342 Undearius

This building is being demolished. Use landuse=brownfield or landuse=construction.

closed 1810627 Undearius

Field Avenue

closed 1810624 Undearius

Edney Avenue

closed 1810629 Undearius

45 mph southeast from here and passed intersection

closed 1810625 Undearius

North Main Street

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