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closed 2481562 TomH

4 months ago 4 months ago
closed 1915044 submitted note from a business:
name: کافی نت کاویان (نمایندگی رسمی ایرانسل)
phone: 03135806798
twitter: undefined
hours: monday-friday 08am to 10pm
category: Internet Cafes,
address: مجتمع تجاری کاویان

over 1 year ago over 1 year ago
open 963550 TomH

Is "Hawthorn" the correct name for this street?

According to OS StreetView it's "Cardiff Road" and I've failed to find anything to contradict that, although it looks like Hawthorn might be the name of the area rather than the street?

about 4 years ago almost 2 years ago
open 1091270 TomH

Request received to webmaster to add "Certified Automotive" at 3361 S W Temple, Salt Lake City, UT 84115 ( so can a local mapper have a look please...

almost 4 years ago almost 4 years ago
closed 134226 stevefaeembra

(CycleMap layer only). There seems to be something strange going on with the contours in NW Shetland. Heights don't match other sources by a long shot (the highest point in Shetland is ~1400 feet or 440m), and it look as if some lochs cross ridges, peaks and saddle points. It looks as if the DEM used to generate the contours round here have come from somewhere else?

about 7 years ago about 7 years ago
closed 134281

Pedestrian access is possible between the end of Bouvier Road and Hertford Road.

about 7 years ago about 7 years ago
closed 19844 harg

Spital Brook is shown as flowing into the New River.

This may not be correct -- Wikipedia documents Spital Brook as a tributary of the River Lea which is to the East. Lee Valley park also describes part of its area as Spitalbrook, implying that the brook extends beyond the New River into its area.

almost 8 years ago over 7 years ago
closed 62530 Percherie

Nombreux bâtiments sans route ou voie d'accès dans cette zone

over 7 years ago over 7 years ago
closed 16258

dit laatste stukje van Kempken is voetpad

almost 8 years ago over 7 years ago
closed 4750 TomH

This should really be a cycle path as it is part of NCN61.

almost 8 years ago almost 8 years ago

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