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closed 3651877 Thierry1030

doityourself company
Obel Renove
Kleinewinkellaan 64
0476 07 21 36

closed 2933069 LePirlouit

check house number, 50 or 51 ?

closed 3821161

Correcte naam: Onze-Lieve-Vrouw Onbevlekte Ontvangeniskapel (met hoofdletters en - streepjes)

closed 3722548 wardmuylaert

This did not look passable (coming from Hof Ter Weerdestraat). There are Heras fences that seem to have been there for quite a bit. The mapped path is invisible as the area is entirely overgrown. Even if I could have gotten past the fences (which I'm not sure I could), I'd have to wade through hip-to-head high grass and whatever other plants there.

How do you map that? Disused? But it's a voetweg so I assume you should still technically be able to access it?

closed 3596096


closed 3768293 Geovelo_Notes

Ce chemin n'existe pas ou n'est pas à cet endroit. (This note has been created from Geovelo :

closed 2556624 Buzzaluzza

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours of Roland Cars (Car Dealership)?" for via StreetComplete 30.1:

Afgebroken, appartementen in opbouw

closed 2880748

Sint-Aloysius van Gonzalakerk (met - streepje)

closed 2778094 Thierry1030

new party hall "Den Douwe" to be opened in September 2021:

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