Mapper since:
March 22, 2007

I (TimSC) used this account to do a great deal of mapping in the UK and elsewhere. Since the move to the CTs/ODbL, I have stopped actively mapping in OSM. The background for this and my reasons are on my wiki profile page. I have licensed my work under CC0 and I don't want to use the CTs on principle. I retain ownership of my data but CC0 allows anyone to make use of it under very liberal terms.

In December 2011, Andy Allan (aka Gravitystorm) requested to take control of this account for the purposes of having my contribution continue in the ODbL era. Although I am wary of any interaction with the CTs, I don't have any practical objection, so we have agreed to jointly administer the account. Andy is taking my data under the terms of CC0, and accepting the CTs. When he does this, the term "you" in the CT's refers to Andy Allan.

The sources I have used are almost always documented by using source tags. I should be still contactable through this account, if you want to discuss my contribution. This account will not be used for further editting. I wish to assure my fellow ODbL objectors that I have not reversed my views on this matter, but I do encourage free flow of information.