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open 3495395 P Wilkie

There is a new crossing here that is not on the mapping.

via StreetComplete 50.1

closed 3757618 The_JF

Forest of Leodis?

via StreetComplete 50.2

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open 4060798 Gregory Williams

Bing imagery appears to show a speed limit roundel on the side road here, but it's not readable. Check with a survey. Likely to be 20 mph.

closed 3755899

Green Lane

closed 1999360

Water fall

closed 2843211 The_JF

Unable to answer "What is the name of this bus stop?" for via StreetComplete 34.0:

School service only. Yellow bus stop making on road but no flag

closed 3988801 TheUKHighStreet

Is this Mane Extensions?

closed 4022343 TheUKHighStreet

I don't think Chiltern Mills still exists as a company?

closed 4004737 TheUKHighStreet

Does this mydentist practice exist here? The website link is to a practice within Crossgates Shopping Centre.

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