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This is incorrect. I have family at 119 Hortons Harbor Court, Sunrise Beach MO 65079 and this is not a thru street to Knights Road. Additionally, there is very little room at the bottom of her drive to turn around. Especially for any larger vehicles. I recently had to have Google maps correct this as well. Essentially, what appears to be a smaller road coming off the loop is actually a very short parking spot overlooking the house and the loop is a dead end with a 10 foot drop between the two roads. Thank you for your assistance!

open 3564867 TheBEARman77

Open/ active business.
Hi - Tech Auto Body & Towing
435 State Hwy 42, Kaiser, MO 65047

24hr Towing & Recovery.
Auto Body & Parts Dept.
Mon - Fri, 8am-5pm.

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