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closed 3614872 TheAdventurer64

Add building with Rainbows, Gyukaku and Dragon Tea here

open 3643391 TheAdventurer64


closed 3643393 TheAdventurer64


closed 2318330 TheAdventurer64

Houses need to be realigned; Swimming pools, fences/barriers and sidewalks need to be added

closed 2410402 TheAdventurer64

Ponds need to be reshaped to match new Bing imagery.

open 4052154 TheAdventurer64

Add shopping center buildings here

closed 3633333 TheAdventurer64

No right turn on red

closed 3087539 TheAdventurer64

Realign turn links/Make turn links look more accurate

closed 3088559 TheAdventurer64

Add turn lanes to intersection

closed 3088558 TheAdventurer64

Realign roads

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