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closed 3677737

Lough Corrib is not rendering at all at zoom level 13 and below, and renders erratically at levels 14 and above.

closed 3278628 computerfan0

Verify that Subway has closed in this location, as far as I am aware the Subway in the shopping centre is the only one in Monaghan

closed 3678906

Robertos cafe/sandwich bar

closed 3678908

Jack and Jones

closed 3703208

Shannon Rugby Football Club

closed 3709937

This is not Dublin Botanical Gardens as per Instagram

closed 3578856 b-unicycling

new connection

closed 3578857 b-unicycling

check geometry

closed 3739548

Local road truncated here

closed 3739552

Bridge Street is part of N59 as James Street is one way northbound

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