Ted Pottage

Mapper since:
January 01, 2009

Mapping mainly centred on RH2 GB, and 32160 FR where I am a member of the local rambling group

My son started me mapping in 2008 and showed me how to use GPS tagged photos, but after a burst at Easter 2009 I did very little through 2010 and even the data I collected in France in July/Aug 2009 did not get entered until January 2011 when I was jolted into action by a message about the new Licence scheme.

I find there is always extra unexpected data away from the centre of interest in photos, so I try to systematically review every shot once again after I have done the main mapping task.

My main French mapping covers a very rural a area where buildings are getting traced off the public land registry by others, but loads of the highways are still missing, hence lots of fixme “stubs” where I map junctions in passing so there are reminders of where to return later on with a printout in my hand.

My special interests are:

Wheelmap: I edit wheelchair accessibility tags for nodes already on OSM via Wheelmap, adding photos to show details more clearly, but add “wheelchair=yes | partially | no” for new nodes and ways, and “wheelchair:description=” tags directly to OSM. Example in Reigate - Red Cross bus stop E:

All other things Access-4-All. Hence my mapping of traffic lights that bleep/have rotating cones for the blind, tactile paving (goes with a useful slope for a Grandpa with a pushchair too), and benches for anyone who has limited stamina eg OCPD or a heart condition, but wants to get out for some exercise. ( ) I have found that a large percentage of “accessible” crossings do not conform to standard. In an extreme case (now fixed) on the A217 pointing a blind user out into fast traffic, rather than across a side road safely.

Fire Hydrants (Surrey Fire HQ is on my street): (

Postboxes: (see for an analysis of Dracos Data by Robert Whittaker.) JOSM auto fills ref numbers so RH2 2 can become RH2 26 if that is already done