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March 13, 2008
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July 15, 2024

Tallguy = Nick Allen.

As it says here, an active mapper!

I hope you gain as much satisfaction from your mapping as I have.

Garmin device maps

I’ve been experimenting with creating maps for Garmin cycle computers - something I seem to return to every few years. I enjoy Parkruns, and all of my maps have the start points of Parkruns - there are quite a few that have been mapped.

I’m currently producing a number of different maps;

  • Avenue Verte - small (just the areas of England and France containing the Avenue Verte,
  • Avenue Verte - large (Whole of France & most of England - again the Avenue Verte is highlighted.)
  • North Sea Cycle Route - covers the parts of the Countries in Europe that contain the North Sea Cycle route - highlighted route to make navigation easier.
  • GB Canal Map - not suitable for navigation as will route for a cycle. Shows Locks, Bridge names / numbers, winding holes, and some other canal features.
  • GB Trike Map for recumbent trike riders. Shows highway=steps on cycle network, and any other barriers that may affect your route. Testing at the moment and needs the barriers on OSM to be updated before it becomes really useful.
  • GB Barriers Filtered - shows those barriers that need more details, such as width available - an aid to improving OSM data.

There are other maps in development - I have friends who use a wheelchair, and I’m interested in knowing where a wheelchair can go - barriers to it’s progress. I ride a recumbent trike, and some areas are impassable for me because of width issues. Working on a map to show width restrictions / measurements. This may start to appear on the combined map in the future.

More details are available on my website at

Thanks for reading, and I hope you keep enjoying your mapping!