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closed 1363395

Store does not exist.

closed 1945162 Alexandrcfif


closed 1945163 Alexandrcfif

охраняемая парковка

closed 1945167 Alexandrcfif

детская площадка, только для жителей жк

closed 1945168 Alexandrcfif

тротуар поворачивает направо

closed 1945169 Alexandrcfif

жк огорожен

closed 1945165 Alexandrcfif

отсюда на север пешеходная дорожка (покрытие плитка)

closed 48635 RM87

Hoone(te) õige kuju. Krundil olevatel hoonetel 3+ erinevat aadressi?

closed 245289 margussa

Siin on üks maja veel

closed 28008 SK53

Entrance building to Kiek in de Kok seems to be missing. It does appear on (poor quality) Bing imagery

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