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iD editor: It is time for us to end this abusive relationship

@Adamant1 Well, there are several reasons why I opened a new ticket: 1. According to his answer, he did not understand what I was talking about before blocking comments in that issue. Either he didn’t actually read my comment or I phrased it poorly—we’ll never know. I understood it like ‘okay, it was probably a bad idea to suggest a different thing in the same thread, because people can’t see past the issue title, I need to make a separate issue on that’. 2. The new issue was targeting a different thing. Literally #5883 was ‘please change the preset behavior’ and #6899 was ‘okay, do not change the preset behavior, but make it clear to users that it works in that way’. I cannot wrap my head around why people don’t see the difference—is my English that bad or they just skim through the text without actually reading it?

iD editor: It is time for us to end this abusive relationship

@Adamant1 I disagree regarding “not something that is on his end to fix”. If users keep misunderstanding the presets that an editing program provides, then it is preset problem (the way how the preset is named and described), not the user’s problem.

Also, iD could throw a warning if user tries to change the type of an object to an incompatible one. It’s a good practice to warn user if something he does is suspicious and possibly not what the user wants. The provided example looks like a simple case to program, simply to show a warning message when user tries to apply an amenity preset to a building.

Blocking the comments without trying to understand what exactly people try to suggest is inadequate, especially if the suggestion is not to change the way the preset work, but quite the opposite - to make it more clear to users how it works.

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