Stuart H 42

Mapper since: January 24, 2012

who what where?

I’ve updated a few things around areas I live/ work / had holidays / have relatives.

Types of changes

I like to add footpaths where I can - it would be excellent to be able to walk using OpenStreetMap more of walking in the UK and beyond. There are many paths marked already but its incomplete so I intend to add more where I have GPS data / experience and backed up by the photos of the ground supplied.
Postboxes: The “post hoc” tool showing missing postboxes has turned me into a post-box anorak. Thanks Rob / mathmos (I think..) !!


I’m still really using the easy web tools most of the time. I’ve tried JOSM and like the power but its not easy to use on my computer (the writing is too small…). and it needs a better tutorial - and most of all I need to spend more time with it.


I use OSM mapping both via the “Galileo” iOS app - on the web; downloaded onto my Garmin GPS…. Its good to contribute and use it! Love the colour of the maps compared to “some other” web maps!

Have a Lot of fun!