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closed 3651594 StefanTiran

Unable to answer "What are the opening hours here?" for via StreetComplete 52.0:

Vorübergehend geschlossen

closed 2757823

Wirklich Rudolf-Zörnpfenning-Weg? Nicht Uferstraße?

Gasthaus hat auch Uferstraße als Adresse...

closed 846575 StefanTiran

check, if still exists

closed 1020941 StefanTiran

Round about is about to be extended; see

closed 951048 StefanTiran

Here a construction site has been set up today, acording to

By October 2017 an additional cycleway, a new bridge, as well as some other small changes will be done

closed 1004842 StefanTiran

According to one of our customers, there is no cycleway in the opposite direction.

closed 996754 StefanTiran

According to construction work on a roundabout have started today.

closed 1023399 StefanTiran

Here a round-about is constructed

closed 1013859 StefanTiran

Road closed, construction site

closed 1028702 StefanTiran

According to Radlobby, this cycleway is usable again.

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